ELECTROHAXZ Virtual Colocation

Information about the ELECTROHAXZ Virtual Colocation service! You can donate your device resources for mirror file hosting and get a free VPS hosted on our enterprise grade hardware or other rewards!

By signing up for this service you do not pay any money for your VPS. In exchange for a VPS, you would allow use of one of your unused devices (such as phones, tablet, laptops, desktops, etc) for mirror file hosting.

The device would need to meet or exceed the minimum requirements listed below and must be connected to internet and power at all times, and kept near your router (if using WiFi).

The specs your VPS would have will depend on the specs of the device(s) which you choose to donate the resources of for virtual colocation.

Note that your projects/VPS would not be hosted on your device, you would get a VPS in exchange for the resources donated.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages to your device of any kind. Any devices donated will be treated well and no illegal programs/scripts/software will be used, though in some rare cases a hardware failure can occour from hosting on consumer grade hardware.

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Minimum Requirements

Device Requirements


  • Must be able to be factory reset (Android) or possibly have a new OS installed (for old PCs running bloated, useless, or virus infected OSs)
  • Must NOT contain any of your own personal files or applications

  • RAM

  • Must have at least 512mb of system memory

  • OS

  • Must run Android 5.1+, Windows 8+, Linux, or ChromeOS
  • There is beta support for iOS+iPadOS 11-13.6, Nintendo Wii and WiiU. iOS 11-12.4.7 will require jailbreak, iOS 13+ does not require jailbreak. Wii/WiiU will require an SD card of 16-32gb
  • Users enrolling iOS/iPadOS or Wii/WiiU devices will receive lower specs on their VPS due to the limitations of such devices which do not allow or support all needed requirements in full, however you will still be able to get a free VPS.

  • Devices running MacOS, Blackberry OS, or others are NOT supported.

  • Storage

  • Must have a minimum of 16gb onboard storage (SD cards, external hard drives, cloud storage, etc do not count)

  • CPU

  • Must have an ARM, ARM64, or x86 based processor with a minimum of 2 cores @ 1 GHz

  • Some exceptions apply depending on device.

    Network Requirements


  • Must have a minimum of 5 Mbps upload and download with less than 500ms ping to the US. (almost any connection that isn't dialup or satellite)

  • Data Transfer

  • Must have 1000gb+ data cap per month (so you don't accidently get overage charges for this, even though it won't use 1000gb)

  • Router

  • Must have a router and ISP which allows for open ports 22, 80, 443, and 8000-8005 (Mobile internet does not allow this, such as a hotspot or 4G connections, some ISPs also do not allow this)
  • There is beta support for connections without open ports, however users who cannot have open ports will receive lower specs on their VPS due to the limitations of the beta feature sets, however you will still be able to get a free VPS.